A full-service licensed Private Investigation company working the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas. As a full service PI Agency with office locations in Dallas and Fort Worth, our Investigators utilize the most sophisticated surveillance and tracking equipment available.

Our Private Investigators are board certified, licensed experts in capturing photographic evidence (film, digital, video) and can e-mail you the results of surveillance within minutes of when the evidence is gathered. We have tracked, caught and photographed 100’s of Dallas/Fort Worth cheating husbands and wives. We are experts at catching marital affairs and infidelity.

Service areas include but are not limited to: Addison, Aledo, Arlington, Carrollton, Denton, Frisco, Garland, Highland Park, Irving, McKinney, Mesquite, North Texas, Plano, Richardson, Stephenville, University Park, Weatherford.

Female Private Investigators are the fastest growing segment of the Texas Private Investigation Industry.

Our female Private Investigators are experienced PI’s who have also felt the pain of cheating and deception and have years of investigative experience and operate from gut instinct and understanding.
We will act as a female decoy to test fidelity and provide photo evidence of client’s spouses decision. We will verify and photo wedding ring removal and chat up subject to determine ulterior motives. We can record conversations and bragging about past exploits.

Let our Dallas/Fort Worth, TX female private Investigation agents provide you with the knowledge that your relationship is solid and spouse beyond reproach.

Our private investigators are more understanding of the feminine view and sometimes better relate to the feelings of female clients. Our agents will travel anywhere within the area to meet the subject.
We blend more easily in bar type settings and in general are less obvious and threatening than male agents. Additonally, our female PI agents also work well with male clients in that they can provide feminine logic to the male client agenda.

Much time spent in hotels while out of town for work related activities is spent in the hotel bar. Our experienced female PI’s have 100’s of case experiences to ferret out the cheaters and players.

Our private investigators have done numerous successful cases involving same sex and alternative life style investigations. We photo evidence and/or affidavit of infidelity seals the decision of clients and makes decision making easier.